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Aurora Borealis

If you are interested in «sophisticated trips» where you can see sights that the average people have not seen, you are in the right post.

Aurora Borealis or else, Nothern lights is one of the most beautiful, breathtaking sights worldwide. GettyImages-498928946-59cd1dd3af5d3a0011d3a87e

I always wanted to see such a sight, but unfortunately i haven’t made it yet.

For those of you who are interested in seeing Nothern lights, there are different places of the world where you can have this chance.

  1. Iceland

Iceland is a wonderful place that you have to visit anyways, but if you manage to be there from late August to early April, this will be ideal, as you may have the chance to see the Aurora Borialis.  There are two ideal places where you can observe it better and they are :Kirkjufell mountain and Grotta lighthouse.

2. Fairbanks, Alaska

3. Yellowknife, Kanada

It is preferably to visiti during Mid-August to late April. For Churchill and Wood Buffalo, (other regions of Canada where you can see the Nothern lights) early August to early May is the best period.

4. Tromso, Norway

It is better to go from Mid- September to late March. The spectacular auroras can be seen from the village of Ersfjordbotn, 12 miles from Tromsø. However, Norway has other magnificent sights such as the Lyngen Alps.

Guys, if any of you has visited one of this places and has actually observed the Aurora Borialis, i would love to know some details.




Stylish and comfy (what to wear while travelling)

I bet most of you have travelled at least once in your life, either with plane or cruise ship. And I bet all of you remember how cold it was.

Yes, this is you.              11477101-beautiful-young-woman-in-white-winter-clothes-lying-in-the-snow-and-freezing-warms-your-breath-their

So today I would like to propose 3 different stylings that someone could wear during the trip, in order to be comfortable and in fashion.

The first one could be leggings along with a regular t-shirt, but combine it either with an oversized jean jacket, or a cardigan. what-to-wear-on-a-plane-1

Depending on what the overcoat, there are different kinds of shoes. For example, for the jean jacket version one could wear athletic shoes and make the style sportier, and for the cardigan you could wear espadrilles.  αρχείο λήψης (4)

However, it depends on the weather too. If for example it is freezing cold you could combine it with Ugg boots.  αρχείο λήψης (5)





Another combination could be pants, with a t-shirt and a sweater or hoodie. It is a more athletic version but yet, it can be highlighted by adding a nice scarf and a fancy back pack.


Finally, if you are a jean lover and you can’t go anywhere without wearing one, I have a suggestion for you. Wear a nice pair of boyfriend jean which is loose enough, along with a t-shirt. In order to make it fashionable you can add a blazer in any color and preferably oxford shoes.




My embarrassing last day in Dubai (how to avoid it.)

Travel, travel, travel…such a therapy. Travel is to live, travel makes you richer, opens your horizons and makes you take a journey into yourself. Travel is an addiction.

αρχείο λήψης (3)

Funny thing to say somebody who has been abroad only three times in life (well I’m still young). Actually, the only places I have ever been(abroad to) is France, which I went to twice, and Dubai. However, I still believe that travelling makes us people better in all the ways. And you may wonder, why you haven’t been to other places if you really believe that? Well I will explain. First, I am a college student, so this makes my daily schedule kind of busy, and secondly, the rest of the days that I am not in class I have to go to work. As a result, no time for me to travel…

But this is not the case.


Despite all that, I am glad that I have managed to be in a place that almost none of my fellow classmates or friends have ever been, and this is Dubai. Dubai

Dubai is the largest and most popular city in the United Arab Emirates. It is full of skyscrapers, big roads, fancy cars, huge malls and luxuriousness. For me it’s a dream place, with hot weather throughout the year. Also, Dubai apart from the high temperatures is also known for the high humidity, and their strict policies.

When I went to Dubai I was a 15-year-old, short and thin human being, so people could easily recognize that I was a child. Little did I know I went there during August, when the temperatures where on the rise and we were sweating even on the way from the parking to the entrance of the house. However, all I had in my suitcase was sleeveless shirts and shorts, so I wasn’t feeling so hot. summer-outfits-14


Generally, all the days rolled up nicely up until the last one.

I was at the Dubai mall with my aunt, cousins and my younger brother, dressed up with the clothes I mentioned above and suddenly a security guard appears in front of me and gives me an angry look along with a small black paper.



I can admit that I was terrified, because I didn’t know what it was until I checked the paper. For my surprise it was a dress code notification. It was written that, only clothes which reach to knee and shirts that cover the shoulders should be worn. Seriously, this was the most embarrassing time of my life. People were staring at me as i had done something bad and I felt that I was so provocative, while in reality I was just a young child dressed up in the way I would dress in Greece.

But this is the case, people.

Every country has its own habits and customs and we need to accept and respect them. You don’t have to wear a hijab or a burka in order to be respectful, as there are other outfits that suit their customs as well.

However? what could someone wear in a conservative country in order to not be warmed up, and also be fashionable and respectful at the same time?

Well, from November to April, when the climate is cooler, women can wear trousers, jeans, long skirts, and boots on the bottom while on top the can wear anything they want as long as they cover it with a pashmina, cardigan, jacket or kimono (like in the pictures). ramadan (1)

Preferably, a pashmina is an ideal cloth, since it is not heavy, but at the same time it covers up the shoulders. Women can wear it on top of a sleeveless shirts instead of wearing a longer sleeve one. Also, they can choose a pashmina with either a print or some colors, to give their style a fancier look. In that way, they can be both respectful but also in fashion, while expressing themselves. 7b03f6ffbeb5f24998e55a221eb0da5964b58fc7


This post can help you find further information: How to Dress for Conservative Countries: Modest Clothing Essentials.


Moreover, from May to October, when the heat and humidity is unbearable, the ideal kind of dressing can be linen or rayon loose and cool clothes. However, because inside the malls or other buildings the air-conditioning is always turned on, again a pashmina or cardigan can be very useful. il_570xN.1099423715_8s3e




As I already said, in order to stay cool in the heat, the fabric plays a very important role. Fabrics such as linen, artificial silk and cotton, are the best choice for hot and humid climates as they “absorb moisture and allow air circulation”.  On the other hand, fabrics such as polyester can be imprisoning as it does not allow the warm air to “flow out”.aaaaaaaaaasweat

Some nice and fashionable ideas could be: a long linen dress along with a pashmina and maybe a saucer shaped hat or a cardigan upon a tank top and wide leg jeans.



Overall, being in a conservative country doesn’t mean that you can’t dress fashionable or with your personal style. All you have to do is to wear anything you like as long as you respect their culture and cover your shoulders and knees. Believe me, you don’t want to be given a dress code notification, it’s pretty embarrassing.

If any of you have a similar or other embarrasing experience during your trip i would love to hear! Ciaoo.


I’m a «Veganman» in Greece.

Travelling around the world is a fascinating and life changing experience. You exlore the world, meet unknown places, learn about new cultures and alternative styles of food; but what happens if you are a vegan? Imagine you are in a particular country and you find out that there are almost any vegan choices, so you end up starving.

For this reason, i will give you some advice if you decide to come to Greece. 

Greece, is one of the most famous holiday destinations because of its picturesque villages, beautiful monuments and crystal blue waters. It is also very known for the wild parties, especially during summer, but also for its relaxing places for those who prefer to get away from noise. In other words, it is a heaven on earth and it is ideal for every taste.

But if you are a vegan, is it a proper place for you to go? Well the answer is YES.

Let’s not forget that the main religion of Greece, is Christian Orthodoxy, and especially during Lent,  it involves «fasting periods».  During this time, all dairy and animal products are prohibited (for the religious).  However, because of those fasting days, there are plenty «nistisima» dishes as we call them here in Greece, throughout the year.

Here are some:

Dolmadakia Yalantzi: 4 ntolmadakia_gialantzi_130514.jpg.png

It is the vegan version of Dolmadakia, a traditional greek food which is made of vine leaves, beef and rice. Dolmadakia Yalantzi is exactly the same, but without beef, and it is as delicious as the regular one.

Gemista:  gemista-tou-pentaleptou-768x645.jpg

Again the traditional version is made of tomato or pepper staffed with beef and rice, but many restaurants serve them without the beef. You may see it on the menus as «orfana».

Spanakopita: tyr4.jpg

It is one of the Greece’s most popular pies. The original one is made of spinach and cheese, but as well as the rest of the dishes, you can find it without cheese.

However, if the rest of your friends are not vegan and they want to eat the famous souvlaki, you are lucky. There is a choice for you too.


Many souvlaki places, especially in the center of Athens and a lot of famous islands, serve the so called «eco-friendly» souvlaki which basically contains tomato, lettuce, potato and you can combine it with ketchup as you can’t eat tzatziki. Otherwise, you can try it with falafel or mushrooms.

Finally, do not forget the multiple choices of pasta, such as pasta with tomato sauce, or home made pesto sauce without parmesan. makaronia-kokkini-saltsa.jpg

Hope you enjoy 🙂



Hey brother, there’s an endless road to rediscover

You may wonder…what is this post with a title of a song going to be about? Well, guess what. It is about music…in relation to travelling. For me music is very important. It makes my day when i’m sad, but also when i’m in a good mood. Music motivates me, reliefs me and makes me feel free. I can’t actually imagine a day that i haven’t listened to music. When i wake up in the morning the first thing i do i open up youtube and choose a playlist, for as long as i am getting ready for school. However, even if i leave from the house, music is still on my headphones, especially when i’m in the metro. There is no better feeling than sitting by the window, while the metro is moving, and listening to music. I’ve always connected music with travel. Whether the journey is long and abroad, or from the one train station to another, music makes me feel alive. And the funny thing is that most of the times i find my self correlating a song to a specific place and time. When i was in Dubai in 2012, which was the first trip i had outside europe, i listened to many songs that weren’t yet famous in Greece. However, i still remember this one song that every time i listen to, it takes me back to Dubai and reminds me of the great time i had. Music and travel are both very addictive and i can’t wait till i make a full playlist of songs and places in my head. modern-music-notes-vector-pack



The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

«Our stories hold unique inspiration for one another» – Lailah Gifty Akita


Today I felt the need to express my opinion on an issue that exists in many European countries but especially in Greece. It is based on personal experience and my opinion is obviously subjective. Five days ago, I visited a pathologist (for the first time by myself even though I’m 22) in order to have my annual check-up and get a letter to join the gym. When it was time to leave, I asked the doctor how much do I owe and she said 50 euros, so I paid, got the receipt and left. On my way home, I decided to check the amount of money she wrote on the receipt. Surprisingly, I found out that the receipt was only 10 euros. Yes, 10 euros, despite the fact that I paid 50 and I was like really? only 10? then why you didn’t charge me less? and started having a conversation with myself.

After so many thoughts I reached to a conclusion. This is tax evasion and it is illegal. I can’t hide that I was furious both with her and with myself that I didn’t check the receipt while I was in her office. Not to mention the fact that if I was with a grown-up she would have given us the right one, but now this can’t change. So, I decided that I don’t care how much money I will pay as long as I get the right receipt, and that I won’t let anyone fool me or avoid tax payment again as long as it is up to me.


Tax evasion is a huge political issue and partly responsible for the economic situation in Greece, so if we, the young people along with the government do not take those little actions towards those who tax-evade, then we are doomed to live like that forever. We need to cultivate our tax sense, while the government should create a stable and simplified tax system, and to regulate frequent checks on businesses. At the end of the day, I realized how important a little piece of paper (receipt) can be in order to contribute in the improvement of a country’s economy and citizens’ lives. The choice is up to you. 😊